• ​This is a new start.

    What is this place?

  • It seems I’ve been away for some time,

    only now returning


    The last time I remember

    remembering a time it was May


    Five Thirty Six PM.

    Two Thousand and Twenty.

    and someone died.

  • Four pull-ups today

    a week ago only three

    two months back it’s strength I lacked

    going unnoticed this man

    the man of me.

    Strength is not an action

    I’ve discovered

    it’s an action when fighting dissolve.

    It is just bone giving way

    to the age I’m living today

    my heart, however is larger than before

    pushing that door further down the hall

    at the age I’m living today.

    I’m grateful for my wife and grateful for my life

    so fortunate to be living today.

  • ​“I listen to the wind

    To the wind of my soul

    Where I’ll end up well I think

    Only God really knows

    I’ve sat upon the setting sun

    But never, never, never, never

    I never wanted water once

    No, never, never, never

    I listen to my words but

    They fall far below

    I let my music take me where

    My heart wants to go

    I swam upon the devil’s lake

    but never, never, never, never

    I’ll never make the same mistake

    No, never, never, never.”

    Cat Stevens - The Wind… a perfect song.

  • Do nothing

    And problems

    Have a way

    Of working themselves out.

  • My father passed away. It has not hit me yet.

    Life takes its punches.

    We determin if they have any effect but some sort of outcome

    Effect is something happening

    Affect is what happens to you because of it.

    I’ve been affected by my fathers death,

    but my only response is what I can effect.

    When thinking about this, I fear I’m missing an important part an important element of being a good human.

    I would ask this kind of question to my father

    In one of our many talks we would have for hours about life.

    Now I just talk about it to an unresponsive page of digital paper.

    It affects me deeply.

    I hope I was a good son.

  • “We determin who we are but what we do.”

  • “I’m barely here.”

  • “This is better than anything else out there.”

  • If you are going to win

    win this way!

    Cubs… win.

    November 2nd, 2016

    Movies will be made of this game

    for years to come.

    We were alive to see, my love

    you and me

  • “Do or do not, there is no try.”

  • “Do or do not, there is no try.”

  • ​Everything is now at zero.

  • What good then.

  • “Every man got the right the choose the way he dies.”

  • Do you want the answer,

    or do you just want the question?

  • You can’t have someone rob you of your happiness.

    No one is worth it

  • “Birds got a job, shit’s got a job, seed’s got a job.”

  • No one has the right to call themselves an artist.

  • “It ain’t suppose to be you.”

  • “Thunder only happens when it’s raining.”

  • What is it about Monday’s

    taking every bit of ones’ effort and courage to simply


    forward until the joints give in and ones arches


    setting the pace for the race.

    What is is about Mondays not being the

    issue on Tuesdays? Not being like any other day.

    You are home though so all of this silliness needs to end

    What I really wanted to say was…

  • I love you.

    I love you.

    I love you.

    I love you.

    I love you.




  • Once in awhile, just when we have it all under control

    and everything is in its rightful place

    if you would for me just this once, for me

    look inside the person you want to be

    and ask yourself what was the rush,

    This life, my love, this life…

    is not a race.

  • I don’t like starting anything with I,

    but there is no other way to say this,

    I’m sorry.

  • Don’t die.

  • “Your never wrong to do the right thing.”

  • “When a carpenter picks up his saw, if wood could talk… it would scream.”

    - All The Way

  • Nodding the head does not row the boat. - Irish Proverb

  • ​Yes I want cake

  • ​“you have so much courage in life when it’s done it’s spent”

  • You need to add fiction to make is less real.

  • Bored. Who has the time.

  • Five bites.

  • God helps

  • I give my thoughts too much credit.

  • Before you block out your humanity…

  • ​Evil Suits

    Not what you think it means

  • ​I was asked to run a relay with a friend,

    They said they needed a ringer,

    When we placed ourselves on the track

    they stepped off the track to be the singer.

    Though music is such a wonderful thing,

    to help you through the race,

    When a friend agrees to hold up their end

    unfortunate when it’s in your face

  • Cake Pop

  • Money’s money.

  • The person who’s says “it can’t be done” should not interrupt the person who is doing it”.

  • Sometimes it’s the tea pots time.

  • My Kusmi can get the scarf.

  • Coco in Uoob Pool.

  • But my love for you, unexpectedly, arrived on time.

    You are a warrior.

    You are my wife.

    I am forever grateful

    for you.

  • “Some things in life are predetermined.”

  • I love when you do nothing.

  • Coco buttery lips.

  • “Everyone wants to remember a 70’s they may or may not have had.”

    Music walked me through my childhood

    “You better let somebody love you before it’s

    too late.”

    The Eagles, The Jackson Five, Ziggy Stardust… RIP 2016

    If you understand this, if you lived it then you know

    are no words

    to describe

    what it is like

    to grow up


    I miss the innocence of it all.

  • Coco Nibbledy Bits

  • ​Slightly pink.

    It is exhausting resting.

  • It’s a new year so why not do something about this body.

    So I joined a health club.

    After several attempts to find a time to meet a trainer,

    postponement seemed to be the only alternative.

    Somehow I feel physically better about myself.

    The good news is…

  • I practically worked out.

  • “Honestly, match the font for the love of Pete.”

    I won the lottery last night.

    The jackpot was over $500 million.

    Today, all day, I’ve avoided checking the winning numbers.

    Until I do, I believe, I am a winner.

  • It’s a circus.

  • You are my organic peach?

  • “Everything was going to change today.”

    Said the Redwood Tree to the sticky fog.


  • And yet.

    Flip your fritter.

    I can’t wait to try your brownie.

    What gets your fire started?

    Twenty Sixteen.

    If your addiction is deep breathing you are in good shape.

    Eat around the honey wave.

    I’m going to stop writing about food and eating it.

    But I’m not going to stop thinking about it!

  • Many bags look alike.

  • Mountains are everywhere.

  • Arc-tic.

  • ​I’ve never had a bite of her bundt.

  • It’s a puzzle.

  • Who did the nest.

  • Are your ready, the last piece?

  • Nice.

  • It’s hard to take it apart.

  • Look at this little tip.

  • Three cubes.

  • It’s almost done.

  • ​The bottom is strong

  • Make it strong.

  • That’s an interesting shape

  • You gotta push.

  • Something with everything.

  • A runaway beater.

  • ​So, I was standing in line at Chipotle with Cam…

  • ​What’s the rush.

  • Keep the front door clear.

  • “Competing needs.”

    As it was explained to me

    conflicted with my own agenda

    so I respectfully declined to be amendable.

  • In the end, we all want the same thing

    to be relevant in this life

    to someone, something, somewhere…

    our lives are like these words about to be erased

    permanence is not an option for anyone. It never has been.

  • It’s seven dollars more for buffing

  • Treats

  • Big Black Balloon

  • Have you ever noticed, when you attempt to create something new

    the establishment of “what is” spends so much effort to

    warn you

    block you

    tell you in their bleak, broken words

    by their distructive actions

    that you are completely

    and entirely


    in believing it can be better

    or maybe something completely different than it is,

    how it is

    why it is

    when you know how you can make it better

    than just OK

    you can help to make it


    by simply caring more, by simply caring more, by simply caring more.

    I once thought these people were my enemies

    and I treated them as such returning their rocks

    with heavier rocks

    dressed as profit,

    addressing their resistance with completion & triumph.

    And still, nothing changes, even in the face of abundance

    and good fortune they stand resilient using silence as their response, crossed armed

    and crossed.

    My wife sent me a quote late last night from New York

    (not the quote, it’s from where she sent it)

    “If you want something you never had,

    you have to do something you’ve never done.”

    These words lay on top an image of a person with a backpack

    standing on the edge of a cliff looking out over still waters

    a mile down

    with mountains miles away and stormed clouds overhead.


    The fact is, as unsettling as it may be, we are alone

    if we believe in something others wish to ignore

    and pretend

    does not exist,

    because they have become so comfortable in the way it is.

    I read these words again to myself…

    “If you want something you never had,

    you have to do something you’ve never done.”

    Faced down, my own reflection showing my age in the still water of my own wet mud

    for the first time in my life

    I will do something completely new

    completely uncomfortable

    and at the very extreme of the existence of who I am


    I will, in the face of all resistance from those who stand angry

    stones in hand

    sweating from the efforts of hate

    I will for the first time in my life

    not become…


  • “I only want to do what I want to do.”

    Comes at a price most folks would rather haggle.

    I’ve rarely come across someone who is willing to pass

    up financial gain for artistic freedom,

    though it still happens now and again

    it is not the dilemma of younger generations.

    Not to say my generation has a greater artistic understanding

    it is simply, these kids worked into their creative freedom a line-item

    covering the cost of selling out.

  • Constantly, artist get in their own way

    breaking thin ice below their feet as they walk

    further forward without noticing

    the land behind them crumbling.

    Constantly, they fail to hear

    someone from shore yelling to them

    “I’m here!”

  • Mildly using.

    She said, immune to the gravity of it all.

  • I’m smell’n what you’re sell’n.

  • Why is it, when having a bad day

    those around you like to point it out?

    Do they honestly believe you are unaware?

    It is only in this instance, the phrase…

    “Don’t kill the messenger.” should be questioned.

  • People don’t leave their families

    on Sunday night,

    they leave them on Monday morning.

  • ​Isle or Window?

  • “Coco is lean and muffin is juicy!”

  • Call dad.

    100 minute meeting.

  • We are creating for the One.

  • Tomorrow, when our car comes please remind me

    to say goodbye.

    Red Tail Hawks

  • Tree trunks!

  • If you are not paying the bills

    it is not your place

    to have an opinion about the cost of things.

    Unless, of course, you are made to feel obliged,

    because guilt is super pricey

  • The least amount of damage,

    the most amount of destruction.

    The least amount of tragedy,

    the most amount of razed.

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